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Few decision-makers are aware of how unreliable their business case for business improvements is - and with any or rare follow-ups, they will never learn how poor their investment was. Reliable Business Case is way more than a risk assessment. The case Reliable Business Case method forces decision makers, management, business, and IT organisation, to understand their part and action to take for the results to occur for real. They will understand what measures they need to carry out to actualise the business changes.

- ' A business case is not a forecast of future money, it is a forecast of people's behavioural change '

                 - Tyrone Skogstrom, RBC Handbook 

Hence, the Reliable Business Case method and its companion RBC Excel ToolTM (free to download to the left) are not just another excel template. Combined you get a tool to turn business change into a value. RBC is perfect decision support for your critical IT investment project, sourcing initiative and business change programme. More importantly; RBC is perfect for KPI analysis and result monitoring.

This site focuses on my current areas of interest

  • Finish writing the Reliable Business Case Handbook and make it available to you all
  • Offer a powerful and totally free RBC Excel ToolTM, supporting the methodology
  • Training in RBC Analysis (pay your interest through the contact form to the left)

Reliable Business Case Handbook

I am working on completing the Reliable Business Case Handbook, a guidance tool on how to set up and execute the RBC method. It also includes instructions on how to create any business case in reliable ways, even if you choose not to use this particular method and Excel tool.

The book targets you, who more than just sometimes do a business case: IT-Controller, Management Consultant, Business Consultant, Project Managers, CIOs, CFOs.

A special target is also teachers in universities, such as in Financial and Business Economics. The Reliable Business Case Handbook focuses more on the decision process and benefits realisation, rather than economic formulas. That said, nevertheless, the RBC Excel Tool is a great pedagogic tool to do financial training, to elaborate with ROI, Payback, net present value, etc.

Submit your interest to have a reminder when the book is ready - use the contact form in the left menu.

RBC Excel ToolTM

Reliable Business Case method has great support from the free RBC Excel ToolTM you can download from this RBC Handbook promotion site. It is free, to be used with the method described in the coming RBC Handbook. 

If the tool can offer one single silver bullet benefit for you, it would be the Impact & Priority table. After a quick PreAnalysis, you can find what benefits and cost are most important, by their impact on the results. From there, you easily can improve just precisely the hours, effort and cost needed to make a solid, reliable, business case.

Even better - when you make a ResultControl analysis - a follow-up -  you will find exactly what items of benefit or cost that differ between forecast and result.

The Excel Tool gives all decision data needed to justify your investment or business change. The tool consists of four straightforward worksheets:

  • Report sheet
  • Business Benefits Screening sheet
  • Expenditure Screening sheet
  • Project Set-up sheet

There are some more sheets to use, but these four usually is the only ones you need. You get what your decision-makers and controllers want; Cash flow, Payback, Return on Investment, Benefit-Cost Ratio, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Net present Value, etc. You also get great support to separate intangible benefits and expenses from tangible. With the method’s three reliability categories Reliable, Visible, and Assumed, you will always know the reliability of the calculation and results. One extra reliability category 'Not Estimated' offers you a separate list of issues you can report and evaluate – their impact could be just as big as the ones you calculate, and just as important.

Training and consulting

In Sweden

As a management consultant, I can help organisations to implement Reliable Business Case and Benefits Realisation Framework, and as part of that adapt method and tools, and train decision makers and analysts. Other kinds of assignments are described in 'Book - Training - Consulting' in the menu to the left. 

Rest of the world

Consulting assignments are welcome. Training; submit your interest in training in other countries/cities with the contact form to the left, and we will see what can be arranged. Larger organisations can easily set-up a training of your own, but all you others need to wait until enough interest in your neighbourhood - apply your interests through the contact form (also have check-boxes etc. regarding training, email reminder when the book is finished, etc.)