Book, Training, and Consulting

As described on other pages at this site, am I writing the Reliable Business Case Handbook. As soon as the RBC Handbook is available, I can send you a reminder by email; use the contact form in the left menu and submit your interest.

Tyrone Skogström

Implementation and training

Without the handbook finished, still a course in RBC Analysis with full documentation and excercises is offered. Through my employer I offer process implementations in your organisation, training and courses in Reliable Business Case Analysis and Benefits Realisation, based in Stockholm, Sweden. In other cities and countries, training can be arranged when enough participants are submitted. You can submit your interest with the contact form you find in the left menu. Remember to tell what country and (larger) city would suit you, and I put you in a database and ask you when there are enough participants.

If you do not want to wait we can set up an in-house training. Some typical areas:

  • Training related to organisations that want to improve their internal process in business investment, finance, procurement, and business change management. Implemented in your organisation, it can shorten your decision process, make more profitable decisions, and offer strategic control.
  • More focus to hands-on training of RBC Excel ToolTM, for investment justification, or to be used to identify what benefits your next IT solution's RFP requirements should be based on, or how to carry out follow-ups, etc.
  • Business or Management Consultant training. For you who like to have the tool and method as a way to present reliable results in your assignments
  • Sales Amplification. If you want to find out - and communicate with your customers - what benefit and cost reduction can be enabled with your solutions and services. As result you can have a reliable 'ROI tool' for some of your products and services. Your sale staff can use it to take necessary information and data from the customer and offer them a business case to use. This needs to be bundled with a training of your sales staff, because your product usually is mere an enabler for the customer. The customer's benefits arise from their behavioural changes and actions.

You can also contact me if you like to become a certified RBC Analyst and be able to run your own training courses in your country.

Also seminar speaker requests are welcome (English, Swedish).

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