Consulting service

My own services can be shaped in many ways based on my background and skills, but here are some of them:

  • Implementation of Reliable Business Case process and RBC Excel Tool, Benefits Realisation frameworks, adoption to your current processes, or tools and templates, and training of analysts and decision makers
  • Result Assessment; follow-ups, measurement strategies, cost reduction of current investments
  • Procurement projects, feasibility analysis, project budgets and controlling
  • Process analysis, documentation and improvement analysis, and estimation of labour time used and saved, and what labour cost saving is reliable
  • Spending analysis - use your IT budget more clever, cost reduction in long and short time
  • Intangible benefits analysis and evaluation, planning and set up measurement and follow up strategies
  • Project management, business change management, interim manager
  • Benefits Realisation Manager, or supporting current to develop the benefits realisation plan, strategies how benefits shall arise and be visible in the books, etc.

All assignments are carried out as employer at HiQ.

If you are a product manager with development intentions - both your company and your customers will benefit from a screening of all benefits and cost. Your next version of the product or service then will be built on the greatest customer benefits you can offer, and your communication will be percieved by your customers as more trustworthy.

Or give a call (English or Swedish) about your current needs to:

Tyrone Skogstrom, +46 709 37 38 00