RBC Excel Tool Guideline 

Guideline how to use the free-to-download Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool  

System requirements

You can use windows Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013. Never tried Mac's version, any feedback is welcome, but remember I only tested the tool's macros with these 3 versions.

Enable Macros

When you open the template file, you had to allow the macros because without it the tool will not work at all. There are macros to ensure the cell references stay correct, to keep formats right, to reduce visible columns to avoid 'bloaty' sheets, update pivot tables on hidden sheets, and to show correct charts on the report sheet. Obviously, without the macros, you will get wrong results.

If you are unaware of the risk with enabled macros, please learn the security issues. If you have Excel's security mode set to disable macro, you probably get a security message about that and a button 'Enable Content' or 'Options'.

Excel file includes guideline

This is a simple walkthrough for an initial description, the tool itself has a much more detailed instruction built in. The design itself makes it intuitive for most who already know much about the business case and cost-benefit analyses. Cells marked with the red triangle in their right top corner have notes and there are a lot of text boxes with instructions.