4 Report Analysis

With all benefits and all expenses found and defined, you are ready to use the Report Sheet. It can take some seconds to run the macros when you activate the report,  The macros update pivots, renew the charts and tables etc. When you change alternatives, you start the update with the 'Recalculate!' button. You can also copy-paste all charts and tables to the 'Charts' worksheet, to easily use the results in external Word or PowerPoint reports etc.

You find the following information in the report:

  • An executive summary part with Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • All results include net present value adjustments
  • Cost-benefit chart
  • Total Benefit-Cost result also presents as a chart with reliability categories
  • Discounted Cash flow and Payback
  • Up to 10 years calculation time span
  • Discounted ROI, as value and chartsDiscounted Cost-Benefit Ratio, as value and charts
  • Time-To-Money adjustments (T2M), as value and pie charts
  • Separation of benefit calculations into three reliability categories; Reliable, Visible, Assumed
  • Separation of cost calculations into three reliability categories; Reliable, Visible, Assumed
  • A fourth category as a separate list; Not Estimated (into monetary values, still, there could be other key performance indicators defined in the screening table)
  • A cash flow diagram with the two selected alternatives separate benefits, and cost
  • Bubble diagram with top 10 benefits, and totals of each reliability category
  • Bubble diagram with top 10 expenses, and totals of each reliability category
  • Tables, and pie diagram with Capital expenditure (CapEx) and Operational Expenditure (OpEx)
  • Tables, and pie diagram with Internal cost and External cost
  • Table, and pie diagrams with your customised selection of cost types
  • A superb table showing all benefits and expenses, their reliability categories, and their relative impact on the results as a percentage, and in total
  • Short guidelines for each section of the results, explaining how to interpret the results and what it comes from

What you notice directly is the three reliability levels included in the calculations and charts. The fourth 'Not Estimated' only sees as a list.

Examples of evaluation of the report: Business benefits, reliable cost and types, project prioritizing support and follow-up table:

The Report sheet has explanations integrated that support you to understand and interpret the results. Remember the full report is nothing you show to the decision makers. You pick from it what is needed to explain your analysis and your recommendations.