RBC Method Walkthrough - Optional RBC Analysis

Improvement phase

  • Evaluate the ‘Reliability & Priority Table’ in the RBC Excel ToolTM and consider if the benefits and expenses combined with high impact – low reliability are a too high risk to the results, or ask the decision makers.
  • Define calculation formulas and find new data to the issues you need to improve

Benefits Map SetUp

RBC Method - optional improvement phase processFor this phase, you need to have the Benefits Maps template

  • Ensure you have made all possible strategic decisions first, and discharged any alternatives not likely to choose.
  • Add the benefits already identified and only valid for the alternatives.
  • Find and add the IT-systems functions that enabling the benefits, the process change needed, and the outcomes from the process change.
  • Find owners/stakeholders to cost, process change, and outcomes.

Acceptance phase

  • Identify with the owners suitable key performance indicators to measure and follow-up the change.
  • Gain acceptance to the change objectives and KPIs for cost, business change, and outcomes.

Review Report & Recommendation

  • If needed, review the information and calculation in the RBC Excel ToolTM.
  • Finish the Benefits Map, make notes and ready to use when you later write a Benefits Realisation Plan.
  • Review the PowerPoint or Word report with possible new information, analysis, decisions, and recommendation.